Ranch of the Oaks

Ranch - est. 1999

Fiber Mini Mill - est. 2006

We are back up and running. Over run with fiber, so we have a waiting list.

Ranch of the Oaks is located on 10 acres in Prescott Valley, Arizona. We are on a prairie at almost 5000 ft., Colder weather, snow and have not gotten away from the WIND !

Tom & Mette

We have a variety of animals including alpacas, Llamas, sheep and assorted other critters.

The vision for the ranch began in 1999, when Mette and Tom met and joined households as well as dreams. They began raising club lambs and chicken eggs.

They became the Ranch of the Oaks in 2003, a year that also saw a growth in alpacas and llama numbers as well as the first alpaca and llama crias. Over the next few years they build more pens, and fenced in large parts of the ranch for the expanding menagerie, which now included two registered llamas and Icelandic sheep.

Birdseye Mill
The Mini Mill arrived in 2006, along with more animals. While both Tom and Mette were still working "day" jobs off the ranch, they got the new equipment up and running and kept all the animals healthy and happy.

Finally, the following year the Ranch of the Oaks acquired its first full-time employee when Mette was able to let go her outside job and devote her full energies to the ranch. Tom followed with reducing hours and days off the ranch until reaching full-time on the ranch 5 years later.

2018 found us leaving California and relocating to Prescott Valley, Arizona. We now have a larger building for the mill. Also improved working conditions "Heat, Cooling and Humidity control.

Mette Knitting
Tom Spinning

Now...... We are a full-time ranch and fiber mill. Offering sales (animal and product), agisting, breeding, mentoring, and fiber mill.

We at Ranch of the Oaks believe in quality, honesty and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to have happy, satisfied return customers.

We invite you to share in our dream !