Ranch of the Oaks

Ranch - est. 1999

Fiber Mini Mill - est. 2006


Llamas are also camelids from South America. The camelids originated in North America some 40 million years ago. They then started to migrate to South America, They became extinct in North America approximately 10,000 to 12,000 years ago.

Llamas were domesticated from guanacos in the Andean Highlands of Peru 4 - 5 thousand years ago and are among the oldest domestic animals in the world.

Today Llamas are used for a variety of things: packing (25-30% of their body weight), driving, guard animal, fiber etc.

Their life span is 15 - 25 years, height 40 - 45 inches at the shoulder, weight 280 - 450 pounds, gestation avg. 350 days.

Llamas are very similar to keep as alpacas.

They (some) also do well as guards for alpacas, sheep, goats etc. Most will bond with the smaller livestock and will watch over them. They will alarm at any sign of dogs, coyotes and anything out of the ordinary. Most will charge and spit at dogs.